** Important: All 25trends services are discontinued since 2015
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Important Note: 25trends SMART product is discontinued, if you have any questions please send to info@25trends.me

25trends SMART is the 1st fully-automated Social Media Analytics Service with full support for Arabic language

How it Works ?

An online reporting service which continuously gathers data from Social Media, analyze and reveals much insights about your Clients, Brands, Products and Services


We have built this tool to provide Value, to save your Time and Money, and to fill any gaps in other products. through SMART you will gain:

FEEDBACK Know more about your Clients or Audience on Social Media
COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Benchmark and Analyze your Competitors
CAMPAIGN TRACKING Track & Measure your marketing campaigns
MARKET RESEARCH & REPORTING Plan ahead, Act fast and support your Decision with realtime Data & Insights
COST REDUCTION Your team will be able to do More in less time, and you will be able to Scale without additional Human Resources

Who needs SMART ?

You should consider 25trends SMART if you are a

  • DIGITAL AGENCY You manage digital accounts, and you need to measure performance and deliver reports
  • SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM You are are a Social Media specialist in a company and you are responsible for measuring performance and delivering reports
  • FACEBOOK PAGE ADMIN You have a Facebook page with 100k+ fans and you would like measure your performance, know users feedback to adjust your strategies
  • MARKET RESEARCH You need to conduct market research on Social Media
  • RESEARCH You are a Researcher or a University Student conducting research on Social Media
  • PERSONAL You are interested in analyzing Social Media data, or training other people to do so


We promise our clients new features every 30 Days


We don't offer Facebook Public Post Search anymore starting 30 April 2015

  • 24x7 Data Collection & Monitoring
  • Share of Voice
  • Engagement Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Automated Sentiment Analysis
  • Influencers & Top Users
  • Klout Integration
  • Trending Topics & Tags
  • Top Languages, Links & Sources
  • Brand Products Analysis
  • User Profiling, Classification and Demographics
  • Language detection
  • Channels breakdown
  • Context Extraction
  • History of user conversations
  • Search capability
  • Facebook Post Analysis and Classification
  • Facebook Page performance tracking (Likes, Talking about, Daily likes)
  • Twitter performance tracking (Followers, New followers)
  • Instagram performance tracking (Followers, New followers)
  • Google+ performance tracking (Followers, New followers, Plusones, New Plusones)
  • Retweets Analysis
  • Keyword Profiling
  • Drill-down, Filtering & Sorting
  • Email alerts
  • Users & Words Excludes
  • CSV, HTML & PDF Export
  • Screenshots & Tabular views
  • Archiving capability




Users & Content



Context Extraction

Post Analysis



We have 3 pricing plans for different types of users, the minimum pricing unit is "Channel", you can think of it as "A Social Account" or the Source of which your data comes from

Agencies Companies Personal
Price 49$/Month
per channel
per channel
per channel
Reports Unlimited Unlimited 1 Report
  • Digital Agencies
  • Companies
  • Brands
  • Market Research
  • Media
  • Governments
  • Individuals
  • University Students/Research
  • Educational Websites
  • Research
  • Training Centers
  • Charity/Nonprofit Organizations
** We also offer discounts on yearly packages

Supported Channels

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+


  • Arabic
  • English
  • Spanish (BETA)
  • Turkish (BETA)

Pricing Example

Let's assume Nokia Company and a Digital Agency has requested a report to Analyze Nokia's Social Media data and to do a Competitive Analysis with Samsung, the pricing will be as follows



Some of the clients we have worked with so far

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Business Partners

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How many users are allowed to access the report There is NO Limit on the number of users for each report

How accurate is your Sentiment Analysis 75%-85% For Arabic & English languages
We don't have accurate numbers yet for other languages

Why Youtube is not part of your Channels We already have a FREE service to Analyze youtube videos, check it out here
But we don't think it will be worth adding to SMART since there are not much comments per day on Youtube to be analyzed, if you think we are wrong please let us know to reconsider

What about Browsers Support Firefox, Chrome & Safari are supported, but please note that safari is not supported in the report creation section

Your question not answered ? please send it to info(@)25trends.me

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For more information, and inquiries please contact us info(@)25trends.me